Water ATM

844 million people globally live without access to clean drinking water 19% of them live in India

In 2017, 163 million people lack access to safe water in India1the equivalent of half of the U.S.

  1.  Source: water.org

21% of transmissible disease in India is due to unsafe water1

Demand for water in India is projected to grow 50% by 20312

  1. Source: Sarvajal Case Study
  2. Source: “Journeys for Water: Survival Strategies in Urban India”

India’s efforts

Indian governments and semi-governmental agencies are offering contracts for companies that can offer technological solutions to increase water access – like Water Vending Machines or ATMs

What are Water ATMs?


Inexpensive: Prices for a liter of ATM water range from about ~$.01 to $.05, much cheaper than bottled water

Convenient: ATMs can be open 24 hours per day, without the infrastructure needed for larger water treatment plants


Quality Concerns: Existing ATMs use basic filtration systems which are less reliable than other options

Installation Costs: Capital required to build machines and connect them to existing water systems can be prohibitive for small businesses

Inefficient Processes: Existing Indian manufacturers need to source materials and processes from different locations internationally to build ATMs


Water ATMs are the preferred method for bringing clean water to Indian communities without it – but can be improved

I-IT Group’s mission

To use Israeli technology to more efficiently and effectively deliver clean water to Indians who do not have access to it

Our process:

  1. Identify technology partners in Israel to supply safer, more efficient Water ATMs
  2. Form a joint venture in India with existing Indian water companies
  3. Lease the technology to the Indian water firms which are interested in using it to expand
  4. Establish a proof-of-concept pilot project
  5. Expand operations nationally in India to bring safe water to all of those without it

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